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Transformer Manufacturers In Maharashtra

Are you engaged in an industry where power is the major source of your production process for everything, you need to be dependent on the transformers.

For fulfilling this need, are you looking for transformer manufacturers in Maharashtra? Nowadays, most of the industries are confused so as to which type of transformer should be chosen as there is a wide range of designs available and that depends on the type of industry you are in.

Choosing the type of transformer so as to suit the application requirement may sound to be a tedious task for one. On top of it, there are many other factors that one needs to keep in mind while choosing the type of transformer and this is the thing that makes the situation even more difficult.

So as to save your time, here are some of the factors that you should keep in mind while buying transformers and it would certainly help you in choosing the one. The two of the main concerns are load requirement and the type of applications the transformer is supposed to be served to.

Thus, you should consider the following factors so as to choose the type of transformer. Also, with this, you must ensure the fact that the two concerns are met with all other factors.


How to select the transformers that would surely suit your industry type?

Distribution Transformer Manufacturers in Maharashtra

  • The number of phases: Before landing up in the market for buying a transformer, you should look into the matter that whether you are in need of a single-phased device or a three-phased device. This will also help you in choosing the range of equipment that you would be using in the industry. If you are using just small machines, then you can go for single-phase transformers but if you need it for an organization, then it is suggested that you choose three-phase transformers.
  • Frequency and voltage: While looking for the transformers, you must have good knowledge related to the voltage input and output requirements. Also, determine the frequency of the device by the power supply.
  • Application: Select the transformer that suits the type of application. This will help you in preventing the loss to a great extent. If the standard transformers are meeting your specific applications, then you can go for the customized solutions as they can be customized according to the operational characteristic your industry requires.
  • Protection from harsh weather: Wherever you are installing your device, it should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions all the time. Thus, it’s vital that the coil, windings, core, and other accessories are protected properly to withstand the weather. If there are corrosive conditions, then you can opt for a device fabricated with stainless steel structure so that it can increase durability.

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