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Transformer Manufacturers In Pune

In each and every sector, energy plays a vital role in our lives. In addition to it, power is acting as a backbone in playing their vital roles in the industries as well as in the commercial establishments. As the demand for electricity is rising day by day and thus, the role of transformer manufacturers is all that matters now. As the industries are in constant need of energy-saving transformers, thus manufacturers have to design innovative transformers that can help them in saving energy, that are easy to operate and that can withstand sudden power fluctuations that might occur at the time of energy distribution.

So, what do transformer manufacturer in Pune do?

Well, most of the people consider transformer manufacturers to design and provide us with transformers and that’s all. But it isn’t. The transformer manufacturers in Pune move ahead with their globally certified technologies for quite a large number of power projects. Here are some of the things that they do.

  • Provides maintenance services: The transformers are required to be maintained every now and then so that maximum potential can be gained out of them. It required identifying if there are any technical issues in it or faults so that it can be fixed with proper techniques.
  • Consultancy and advisory: A transformer manufacturer also provides consultation and advisory services. The transformers are specially designed so as to meet the high capacity load withstanding the power of the industries. The advisory service helps them in choosing the best solution so that it can suit the power project requirements of a particular industry.
  • Research and development: The transformer manufacturers in Pune constantly focus on designing and providing people with innovative transformer needs. It is just because of the demand that the manufacturers have to invest a lot in their research and development of the transformers. As different industries require different types of transformers, thus it’s important for the manufacturer that the designed transformer meets the expectations of the clients.

What are the different types of transformers manufactured in India?

The transformer manufacturers offer a wide range of standard as well as custom transformers for different types of projects. Below are some of the common types of transformers:

  • Single-phase transformers
  • Three-phase transformers
  • Distribution transformers
  • Audio transformers
  • Instrument transformers

Starting from the part of designing, to manufacturing, to testing of the transformers, to packing them and final dispatching, the quality inspectors at Tesla Transformers keep a strict check on every step so as to deliver high quality and best feature transformer solutions at the most affordable prices. Having questions in the mind related to quality or the type of transformers? Don’t worry. Just contact us and we will clear all your queries in a short period of time. So, whenever you are in need of transformers for your industry, just contact Tesla Transformers as we are one of the leading transformer manufacturers in Pune.


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