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Package substation are metallic structure for outdoor housing multi compartments, which can be installed in a rapid manner. They are manufactured to house all electrical switchgear interconnectedly , that are entirely factory built and tested according to the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC).
3 Compartment structure(HV switchgear – Transformer – LV switchgear)

Package substation exists in the following forms:

  • Rating Up to 2.5 MVA Voltage Class Up to 33 KV.
  • Providing clients with flexible options for abiding with a different constraint such as area installation etc.
  • Includes control devices with the corresponding wiring.
  • All interconnections are entirely factory build and tested.
  • Provision of remote monitoring and control of switching devices on the HV & LV side.
  • High operation reliability.
  • Operating personnel safety.
  • Adequate space for inspection & maintenance of transformer.
  • The simplicity of installation positioning on the trench and connecting the supply service cable.
  • Customer-made design.
  • In accordance with IEC 62271, IEC 1331.
  • Suitable for all weather.
what we do

Tesla is mainly engaged in the following work areas

Manufacturing of power and Distribution Transformers up to 10 MVA and 66 kV class.

Exporting Power and Distribution Transformers and other electrical equipment including substation equipment.