Solar Application Transformers

Solar Application Multi Winding Transformers

Solar Application
Multi Winding


Solar / Inverter Duty Transformers

Tesla understands the needs of the solar developers and has successfully designed and shipped transformers for power distribution applications in a solar farm using PV modules in India and throughout Asia-Africa continental . We have been successfully meeting the stringent specifications of customers and have a design which precisely these applications. The transformers are specially designed with low losses but high efficiency standards to meet to industry’s stringent demands.


  • Rating Up to – 5 MVA
  • Voltage class Up to – HV Voltage – 11,22 & 33 or as per customer requirement.

    – LV Voltage – 0.30,0.38,0.420,0.433,0.750,1.05,6.6 or as per Customer requirement.
  • Frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Vector Group – Dd0yll,Dyll,Dynll-ynll,Dy5y5y5,Dynll-ynllynllynll

Product Features

  • Voltage step-up from the inverter output to the MV feeding network.
  • Galvanic isolation between the solar inverter and the feeding network.
  • High mechanical strength LV winding comprise of two windings made of aluminum or copper both connected in wye (Y) with or without neutral point.
  • Natural or air forced cooling system.
  • Robust and oil tight mechanical construction with customized overall dimensions.
  • High quality surface protection.
  • Protection & monitoring with devices that offer oil level indication, gas detection, and pressure and temperature control.

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