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Solar / Inverter Duty Transformers

Tesla understands the needs of the solar developers and has successfully designed and shipped transformers for power distribution applications in a solar farm using PV modules in India and throughout Asia-Africa continental . We have been successfully meeting the stringent specifications of customers and have a design which precisely these applications. The transformers are specially designed with low losses but high efficiency standards to meet to industry’s stringent demands.


  • Rating Up to – 5 MVA
    Voltage class Up to – HV Voltage – 11,22 & 33 or as per customer requirement.
  • – LV Voltage – 0.30,0.38,0.420,0.433,0.750,1.05,6.6 or as per Customer requirement.
  • Frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Vector Group – Dd0yll,Dyll,Dynll-ynll,Dy5y5y5,Dynll-ynllynllynll


  • Voltage step-up from the inverter output to the MV feeding network.
  • Galvanic isolation between the solar inverter and the feeding network.
  • High mechanical strength LV winding comprises of two windings made of aluminum or copper both connected in wye (Y) with or without a neutral point.
  • Natural or air forced cooling system.
  • Robust and oil-tight mechanical construction with customized overall dimensions.
  • High-quality surface protection.
  • Protection & monitoring with devices that offer oil level indication, gas detection, and pressure and temperature control.
what we do

Tesla is mainly engaged in the following work areas

Manufacturing of power and Distribution Transformers up to 10 MVA and 66 kV class.

Exporting Power and Distribution Transformers and other electrical equipment including substation equipment.