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Power Transformers / Industrial Transformers from 3.15 MVA to 10 MVA with a maximum service voltage of 66 KV. They are used in industries with special designs and used as generator transformers for smaller capacity.


  • Provision of Mineral Oil, Silicon oil, Ester Oil, Vegetable-based oil or as per requirement
  • Presence of step lap construction and mitered joint for core
  • Capable of handling extreme system supply and ambient temperature
  • Losses vary as per Star Rating/BEE Rating
  • Low losses & high impedance


  • Rating Up to 10 MVA
  • Primary Voltage Up to 66 KV
  • No. of Phase Three
  • Cooling ONAN/ONAF/OFWF
  • Applicable Standard IS,IEC,ANSI,BS,AS,SABS, etc.
  • Winding Material Copper
what we do

Tesla is mainly engaged in the following work areas

Manufacturing of Power Transformer and Distribution Transformers up to 10 MVA and 66 kV class.

Exporting Power and Distribution Transformers and other electrical equipment including substation equipment.