Power Transformers

Power Transformers


Power Transformers/Industrial Transformers from 3.15 MVA to 10 MVA with a maximum service voltage of 66 KV. They are used in industries with special design and used as generator transformer for smaller capacity.

Product Features

  • Provision of Mineral Oil , Silicon oil, Ester Oil, Vegetable based oil or as per requirement
  • Presence of step lap construction and mitered joint for core
  • capable of handling extreme system supply and ambient temperature
  • Losses vary as per Star Rating/BEE Rating
  • Low losses & high impedance


  • Rating Up to 10 MVA
  • Primary Voltage Up to 66 KV
  • No. of Phase Three
  • Cooling ONAN/ONAF/OFWF
  • Applicable Standard IS,IEC,ANSI,BS,AS,SABS, etc.
  • Winding Material Copper

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