Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

Dry Type

Dry type transformers can be installed wherever oil filled units cannot be used such as inside buildings, in tunnels , cranes , off shore platforms, ground catchment areas, public places etc.

Product Features

  • High impulse & dynamic short circuit strength.
  • Good overload capacity.
  • Low partial discharges & Lower losses.
  • Non-hygroscopic & fire resistant.
  • Well suited for damp and/or contaminated areas.
  • High Performance towards dealing with seismic phenomena.
  • Low cost of installation & maintenance.
  • Drastically reduced maintenance and cleaner looks because of absence of any insulating liquid.
  • A life-cycle analysis would reveal the cost-effectiveness of Dry type transformers in the long run though these require higher initial cost.
  • Easy handling and access to active parts for inspection.
  • The Dry type transformers are designed for required BIL values and are tested for dynamic short circuit.


  • Rating Up to -3 MVA
  • Voltage Class Up to – 33 KV
  • Frequency – 50/60Hz
  • Vector Group – Dyn11/YNd11/Dyn1
  • Cooling – AN/ANAF
  • Applicable Standard – IS,IEC,ANSI,BS,AS,SABS, etc.
  • Winding Material – Copper/Aluminum
  • Insulation Class – F/H/C

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