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Transformer manufacturers in India are playing a significant role in developing the economic growth of our country. Thus, in order to transmit electricity at a utilizable voltage level and to fulfil all the requirements related to the energy of the enterprise, transformers serve as an important factor in the manufacturing process.

Tesla Transformers Global is one of the most dependable transformer manufacturers in India. They help their clients in picking up the best transformer-based on the installation requirements. As the requirements for all the types of transformers are increasing at an increasing rate, thus, transformers are supposed to operate smoothly in the workplace. In situations where transformers do not work reliably, it can hamper the industrial growth of the business.

Therefore, it is vital for any industry to understand and know the fundamental principles that are necessary for buying the transformers so that it can perform efficiently.

  • Know the purpose of buying the transformer: One must be well aware of the use of buying the transformer and what requirements it should serve to your industry. Thus, it is vital that you select the transformer depended on the purposes like high storage refrigeration, for construction purposes or for others.
  • The number of phases required: Since you would know the machinery or equipment in a better way, thus it would be easier for you to determine whether to choose a three-phase transformer or a single-phase transformer. If you are working on a larger scale and looking forward to a cost-effective solution, three-phased transformers would be a better choice.
  • Voltage & frequency essentials: When deciding to choose a transformer, also look for the input and output voltage that would be required by your electrical equipment. Also, check the frequency of the transformer.
  • Know the transformer operation environment: Do not overlook the factor that the transformer should work in extreme climatic conditions too. It should work in extreme temperatures in heat, cold, moisture or in chemical conditions.
  • Consider the Size and Space Requirements: The transformer manufacturers in India design and build the transformers that depend to meet up the specific needs of the industry. Transformers vary in sizes, thus, depending up the requirements, transformers are customized.
  • Safeguard Specifications: Transformer manufacturers provide safety protection levels so that efficient working of the transformers is justified. The safety measures as in protection by corrosion by the exterior paint, alarm features to know the pressure or temperature.
  • The manufacturers should fix to industry standards & regulations: This is one of the most important points while selecting the reliable and trustable transformer manufacturer in India. Always ensure the fact the transformer manufacturer is fixing to international transformer manufacturing standards from renowned organizations or not.
  • Other factors: The above-mentioned factors were the core elements that shouldn’t be ignored. But other than this, the below-mentioned factors also play a vital role. They are:
    • Efficiency
    • Cooling Methods
    • Seismic Requirements
    • KVA Rating requirement
    • Insulation levels & Primary windings


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