Transformer Manufacturer in Delhi

Are you looking for the reliable transformer manufacturer in Delhi? If the answer is yes, then there’s no need to get confused between a number of dealers as Tesla Transformers are right here to help you in need. All the products are manufactured under strict guidance of trained and experienced quality inspector. This strict guidance helps us in giving 100% guarantee of the quality to our clients.

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Why you should consider Tesla Transformers as your perfect solution for transformers in Delhi?

In this market, as there are a number of dealers dealing in a particular product, thus, you have to consider many things so as to choose best amongst them. Here are some of the points which will help you in differentiating us from our competitors.

  • We provide high quality transformers in domestic as well in the international market.
  • The transformers are laboratory tested.
  • On can easily purchase transformers that are of wide range at a limited budget.
  • Tesla Transformers also provides after sales services such as installation, assistance in the operation and also doorstep delivery at every corner of the world.
  • We never give a chance of complaint to our clients.

All the above mentioned points have helped us in gaining a reputed and trusted position in transformer manufacturer in Delhi. So, for all your transformer needs, contact Tesla Transformers as we are the perfect solution for all your needs.

What are the problems that are faced by the manufacturers of transformers?

There are a number of problems that are faced by manufacturers of transformers. The one who overcome these obstacles is the right manufacturer for you. The problems that are faced are as follows:

  • Rising demand of the transformers by each passing day.
  • Rising cost of the raw materials needed for manufacturing of transformers.
  • Development in the technology.
  • How to fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients.
  • Rising number of dealers related to transformers in the market.

We, at Tesla Transformers are aware of all the barriers that appear on the way and how to deal with them. We provide high quality transformers and satisfy all the needs and requirements of the clients.


A transformer is a static device that plays an important role in improving the productivity by providing smooth power system with the help of electromagnetic induction. This device comprises of many components that are responsible for its performance. Those components are as follows:

  • A core that provides low reluctance path.
  • The windings that act as input and output for power supply.
  • For isolating windings, insulating materials are required.
  • Tap changers for regulating the voltage.
  • Cooling tubes are required for lowering down the temperature of the oil.